SC2 updates ++

A ign tem um artigo com algumas alterações ao jogo;
E tirado dos foruns de starcraft:
- Fog of war is not completely black, you can see the terrain
- Xel'Naga Observatory Towers are not capturable. They only activate and reveal the area when a ground unit is constantly near it.
- When you select a unit, a circle appears around it which shows its range
- You can zoom in of course

- New Salvage ability that sells the current building returning 100% resources, if activated it cannot be stopped
- Reapers are built at the Merc Haven (Bar Building)
- Reapers are pre-built up to 4 units, after you build 4 (very quickly), the units must recharge before being rebuilt
- Reapers throw a mine called D8 Charges/Magnetic Mine that blow up afte a few seconds
- Command Center upgrades to Planetary Fortress or Surveillance Station
- PF and SS cannot be down graded
- PF and SS cannot be lifted off
- Medics are back in; same white suit and shield
- Tech-lab contains all Marine, Medic, Siege Tank, etc upgrades
- New siege tank looks amazing
- Siege Tech upgrade allows Siege Mode
- Two new air units, the Nomad (Vessel Replacement) and the Predator
- Nomad has EMP, can repair air units and Defensive Matrix
- Nomad has no attack
- Defensive Matrix puts an aoe bubble that protects all units from damage inside
- Predator is an Anti-Air ship
- Predator can transform into an Interceptor which blocks/reflects enemy attacks
- Viking is built at Factory and starts in mech form
- Fighter Tech upgrade allows Viking to be air-born
- Banshee attacks ground only, shoots multiple missiles for each attack
- Goliaths are currently not in
- Starport upgrades to a Starbase
- Starbase allows production of units while the building is flying
- Engineering Bay has returned, but can not lift-off
- Armory has returned
- NO ground turret at the moment
- Munitions Depot building added
- Munitions Depot contains Thor upgrades (250mm Cannons)
- Thors are easy to get (Requires Munitions Depot for production)
- Thors missile strike is an upgrade and ability
- Thors are weak against air
- We did not encounter a Ranking/Veterancy system, as of yet
- Deep Space Relay building added
- Deep Space Relay allows production of Battlecruiser
- Battlecruiser requires DSR building
- Battlecruisers now have an AOE move called Plasma Turret
- Battlecruisers individually choose either Yamato Cannon or Plasma Turrets as its super ability
- Battlecruisers shoots many lasers when attacking instead of a single laser
- Shadow Ops building added
- Shadow Ops contain Ghost upgrades and Production (Cloak, Drop Pods, Nuke)
- Ghost requires Shadow Ops building
- Snipe deals 150 damage to an organic unit, command key
- Radar Dome shows units as exclamation marks in fog of war
- Drop pods are in game, drops 6 marines

- Star Relic was renamed to Stasis Orb and does not fly
- Statis Orb is built at a Gateway
- Statis Orb slows down an enemy unit it attacks
- Tempest is now called Carrier
- Carrier is now gold and not silver/gray
- Carrier is now the new Capital Ship
- Carrier is now bigger then the Warpray
- Carrier now carries Interceptors
- Interceptors return to its old form and shoot lasers, No more Shurikens
- Reaver was removed
- Warpray is now silver/gray and of Shakura origin
- Warpray is now smaller then Carrier
- Twilight Archon has no feet and hovers
- Twilight Archon has the feedback ability
- Dark Obelisk does not build DT
- Currently you can have more then 1 Mothership
- Mothership does not have Black Hole
- Mothership has a cloaking field ability
- Mothership Planet Cracker ability now shoots 1 giant laser instead of many
- Stalkers and Immortals are built at Gateway
- Warpgate is an upgrade
- Twilight Council allows production of Stalker, Immortal
- Twilight Council contains upgrades for Stalker, Immortal, Zealot


Sintra said...

Aparentemente, as reavers tiveram que ser removidas, porque uma tropa de immortals/reavers devastava tudo que era terrestre dos terran (terran precisam de infantaria para combater os immortals, e as reavers papam tudo que é infantaria... não só mas também).
Tadinhas das reavers!
Parece que se vai ter que usar templars contra terran!

Halloween said...

e sair, não? já se jogava!! :P