Starcraft 2 Gameplay footage and unit preview

Se por ventura, não carregaram no link que é o título, aqui está ele:

Info das novas unidades:

Phoenix: When its standard fighter weapon won't do the job, the Phoenix will be able to activate its overload ability to damage all enemy air units nearby, which also disables the Phoenix itself for a few moments. If the overload doesnt demolish the enemy you'll be a sitting duck.

Warp Ray: These flying weapons inflict additional damage the longer they fire on a single target as they bring as they bring more beams online, which will make them extremely powerful against large targets like Battle Cruisers and structures. Their focused fire makes them vulnerable against small anti-air units like Marines.

High Templar: The High Templar is back and he'll bring his powerful psionic storm area attack with him. But hes gotten a handy new power, he'll be able to create a force field to trap enemy units temporarily or create barriers. Blizzard testing has revealed some extremely effective bottlenecks tactics using him. The ability to say you cant go there anymore will be very powerful.

Twilight Archon: Blizzard hasn't exactly worked out what its doing with the Twilight Archon in terms of his powers. But the team promises that he will be just as powerful as he was in starcraft 1.

Tempest: The Tempest is a dark carrier with a disc fighter and a strong shield that activates when attacked from the ground. It will have no defense whatsoever against air units.

Soul Hunter: Soul Hunters are anti infantry units that float around on hover boards and suck the souls out of enemies. The more souls they consume the more powerful they get, going from firing one beam at a time to three. They'll be effective against organic units but practically useless against robotic units like the Protoss own reaver.

Phase Cannon: This stationary base defense is no longer stationary. The Phase Cannon can now convert into energy form and relocate and redeploy as long as you stay in a pylon power range. But if the pylon is destroyed while the cannon is in energy form it'll go poof.

Star Relic: When it comes to casting spells the Star Relic makes the High Templar look like an amature. It'll be able to create a cloak field that will conceal even buildings, and fire a fusion beam that slowly damages a target until it dies -and when it dies it'll explode and cause damage to everything around it. Remember the larger the target the bigger the boom.

Warp In

Picture This: You're playing as the Protoss, and one of your resource bases on the other side of the map comes under attack. Your gateway, the Protoss barracks, at the besieged base is destroyed. For old-school Protoss players, the battle would already be over. But that's becuase they didn't have warp-in tech, a new upgrade for your barracks that will allow them to build a unit anywhere on the map within the range of a power pylon or phase prism. [There'll be a limit of one unit per gateway at a time and a cooldown period before you can use warp-in again.] It's a handy ability that will instantly set strategists' minds running wild with possibilities, but it will have its drawbacks -the unit will gradually materialize jus like a Protoss building and be completely defenseless unit finished. And, if your power pylon is destroyed midway through warp-in, your unfinished unit will be lost.



katanas said...


When I...
Get to your base I bang on the door,
Only to dance with your ancient of war,
and set fire to your ancient of lore,
Nobody here is safe from my sword

Even at the throne or the tree,
Your team will be forcibly forced to flee,
no remorse for me in this sorcery,
pwning newbs for free is a source of glee

Sleep with the fishes or fly with the birds,
Ride with the sentinel or ride with the scourge,
The side I am not on will die at my urge,
You can't even stop me with cyclone or purge

Emerge from the shadows with murderous arrows,
Burning with fire they'll burn through your marrow,
Your chance to survive in turn will be narrow,
I was born and raised in a culture of aggro

Walk with the wind and cop lots of loot,
At the shop once again I bought me some boots,
Back out to war with arrows to shoot,
Find a weak hero and begin the pursuit

Just at the moment when they're feeling safe,
Arrows are burning I activate strafe,
End of the chase, I lay them to waste,
and go back to base to get gloves of haste

Another hero dead, gave me some bread
Got my gloves to make power treads,
Apologize to wirt for using his leg,
Back to finding heroes with health in the red

Stealthed once again, I'm watching the map,
This time his friends are watching his back,
Go to the woods and chomp on a snack,
Death pact my creep to get my health back

[chorus] x 1

I love killing human beings with my lucent beams,
I love sneaking up clueless teams and make them lose esteem,
My name is luna moonfang and I am one with the moon
when I cast my eclipse bodies become strewn

There is:
No chance to escape when I attack with my glaives,
They ricochet in the sickest ways and your village prays,
Prevent the sun from spillin rays,
Enemies in a million ways [running]

I can't wait to face the villain's gaze cuz my skills amaze.

Mortred will whoop your ass with her coup de grace,
You see a shadow and you ask who is that?
Then you hear *ching ching* and your health goes to zero,
I buy more bling bling and equip it on my hero

[chorus] x 1

I'm coming to your base
you're covering your face
I'm smothering your race
you've got to run

I'm mounted on a horse,
amounting up a force,
don't count on no remorse,
you're almost done

I'm racking up the kills,
you're slackin on your skills,
attacking you with quills,
and you got no stun

you're gonna die before you even get back to base

if you try to run don't run to the riverbed,
tinker's chillin there scannin with his infrared,
once you're spotted missiles hit you in the head,
'fore you know it blood will turn the river red

watch out for razor my buddy is the living dead,
got a storm cloud chillin with him on his head,
don't leave him fed or you'll all end up fuckin' dead!

fuckin dead, that's how I love to leave my opponents,
and if you talkin shit to me you're just hangin from my scrotum, I got plenty of friends, got plenty of enemies,
and some of you I will never meet,
Just know in DotA...

[chorus] x 1


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E já viste o video do DOTA no youtube?
É pá, e WC3>DOTA.

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Starcraft II tá demasiado POTENTE! Acho que valeu esperar... Tou com medo da mothership dos protoss :P

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check this out