Centrais Nucleares no Japão

Ouvir falar no problema da central nuclear do Japão na BBC e depois mudar para a SIC é atroz.


12:36 Officials have announced they plan to fill the leaking reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant with sea water to cool it down and reduce pressure in the unit.

"The nuclear reactor is surrounded by a steel reactor container, which is then surrounded by a concrete building," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said. "The concrete building collapsed. We found out that the reactor container inside didn't explode."

The Japanese government had earlier warned of a meltdown at the reactor at the plant, damaged when a massive earthquake and tsunami struck the northeast coast, but said the risk of radiation contamination was small.

Mr Edano said: "We've confirmed that the reactor container was not damaged. The explosion didn't occur inside the reactor container. As such there was no large amount of radiation leakage outside.

"At this point, there has been no major change to the level of radiation leakage outside (from before and after the explosion), so we'd like everyone to respond calmly.

"We've decided to fill the reactor container with sea water. Trade minister Kaieda has instructed us to do so. By doing this, we will use boric acid to prevent criticality."

Mr Edano said it would take about five to 10 hours to fill the reactor core with sea water and around 10 days to complete the process.

Isto quer dizer que provavelmente estão a fazer shutdown permanente ao reactor ao contrário de, até agora, estarem a tentar um 'safe shutdown'. Segundo o que li aqui creio que é isso que está a acontecer.


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Reactor n3 explodiu....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIZKlaEZMLY

Usava mox como combustivel.