Reality cracking

Reality cracking, an introduction

Reality cracking is a very important 'critical' activity, (...)

You may ask why so many essays of the reality cracking section are directed against advertisement and our 'consumistic' habits. Simply stated, there's a lot of money being made and a lot of power being gathered by the people that promote useless consumerism, and this determines a GREAT part of the reality you live in. You pay for it in gradually limited economic mobility, pollution, threats to your health and a declining standard of living, as measured by the things that really matter. This is what this section is about, identifying these forces and giving you opportunities to lessen or eliminate their control over your life. We're not suggesting that you pick up guns and start blasting away. What we advocate does far more damage than bullets to these forces and the people behind them and makes life much more enjoyable for you while it returns to you -at least in part- the possibility of living the way that you -not somebody else- choose.

Dear contributors,
please don't be deceived if the essay you sent was not published, see: Reality cracking is a matter of observation and knowledge, balance and wit, it's very important to avoid taking ourselves too seriously... a common disease. Watch, work, send your findings... and avoid the ever lurking risks to fall into the 'weird-religious-nutty' or into the 'ideologically excessive-obsessed' patterns. Best essays are those that examine a CONCRETE aspect of the reality around you and show it's hidden meaning: see, it is obvious (if silly) that half-naked babes on -say- new cars help selling those same said cars to the zombies... but it is not so obvious, for instance, that yougurts or fruit juices made with only ONE sort of fruit are all over the world slowly being replaced by yogurts and fruit juices made with a 'cocktail' of fruit rests ("tropical mix", "apples AND bananas", "fruits of the wald") for the purpose of maximising gains... consumer "choices" are only a nuisance once you have already lurked the same consumers into buying your products or using your supermarket chain...
What do you think that 'modes' and 'trends' have been made for? ... or d'you think you can buy somewhere a new fridge (say) that has been built solid enough to last for the next thirty years?



Sintra said...

Descascar a realidade à volta do que "vemos".
Muito interessante. Li alguns dos essays assim na diagonal e curti esta frase:
"The first basic law of human stupidity asserts without ambiguity that:
Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation."

Peres said...

Não há uma versão TLDR?

Pedro Francisco said...

TL;DR: Everybody sucks.