Acerca do Wikileaks

A razão da formação do Wikileaks. Deu-me trabalho a transcrever, espero que gostem. Já agora, se forem a ver o vídeo (link no fim) e me ajudarem a transcrever algumas partes que não percebi muito bem ou a confirmar o que é o Grizzly Plow, é favor dizer alguma coisa ;)

Wikileaks: a origem do site

«But after a while I decided to do something else.

«So I entered into the Academy, into the Ivory Tower, and started to do Theoretical Physics. And what I though I would create was a world that was mathematically pure for myself. That had a good history, a good intellectual history and possibly a good intellectual future. And it was in some way honest work.

«But what I found, being an academic, was that no part of the economy anywhere in the world is isolated. Including the highest part of the Ivory Tower. That in fact at the bottom of every Ivory Tower rests corrupt money, rests bodies of people killed in war... And in my particular case, I found that the Quantum Cryptography Group was being, in Australia, was being financed by the National Security Agency, that the Applied Mathematics Group, in Australia, was designing mathematical models to build enhanced versions of the Grizzly Plow (?), that's a high-speed military bulldozer designed to bury people alive.

«And many more things like that. So not even in this highest (?) of the Ivory Tower can you avoid the fact that the world is completely connected.

«When government is illegitimate, the government tanks (?) everything beneath it, every aspect of the economy, every person in the country, including those most removed (?), including pure mathematicians.

« In fact, if you look on Wikileaks you'll see an article I wrote analyzing 3600 academic papers that have been financed overtly or covertly by the National Security Agency.

«Google for MDA904, the grant code used by the Maryland Procurement Office, a cover name -- a light cover name -- for the National Security Agency.

«Google for grant code MDA903... a cover code used by the Defensive Intelligence Agency, funded many many of so called pure papers of Academic Research.

«The CIA has funded papers, supposedly by anthropologists and people interested in stress, covertly to determine the most efficient way to torture people.

«Nowhere is free from the illegitimacy of corrupt, morally or financially corrupt government.

«So having discovered this, and also having many journalistic friends and activist friends we decided to do what we could to make government and organizations more legitimate.

«What we had seen as journalists is that there were two sorts of political reform happening is society.

«One, something that is part of a tide of change, that happens because a new invention is introduced into the society or a new form of commerce or environmental change. That seems to happen anyway, organically, and there is nothing we can do about it. And it may be positive and it may be negative.

«But there are other aspects of reform that don't have to happen. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. And those paths of reform are seeded and created by unauthorized disclosures. A good one third of the front of the New York Times of any day is built out of unauthorized disclosures.

«You won't see it, you'll just see document saying (?) by the New York Times or you'll see "a senior official speaking confidentially says... something" and that's really the big driving force for political reform all across the world: is individuals who know of an unjust plan or an unjust past revealing it to the population so all the people in the population can decide to support or not support those people or their opponents. Not just in democracies but in all countries.

«So, what is Wikileaks? A group of people, activists and journalists, cryptographers (?), who came together, we call them Sunshine Press. We have a platform on the Internet and our most famous platform and that is called Wikileaks.

«So we do something relatively simple. We want to enable information to go out to the public that is just not any information but that it has the greatest chance of achieving political reform... positive political reform in the world.

«There is a lot of bits everywhere in the world. Some of those bits are special. Some of those bits can achieve something good. And the more bits are in the world the more the problem becomes how do you find those bits that can change our
civilization into a better state.

«So we look for a economic symbol, a color on those bits which is: that they are restricted. That someone understands those bits, the people who created them. That's who understands them the best. And they have restricted them from the

«Because they understand that when that material is released it makes it harder for them to carry out unjust plans. Because those plans will be opposed. Or, if they've carried out such plans in the past, the anger from the discover will cause people
to take away some of their power.

«So to get things to the public you need to protect sources who want to disclose and you also need to protect your ability to publish in the face of attack. And, people like to say that the Internet is a place of free speech. Nothing could be further
from the truth.

«What the Internet has allowed is publishers to publish cheaply and without that vast influx of new publishers some of those publishers are motivated to protect what they are publishing.

«But in general, the Internet is the easiest place to censor. You can't take a paper back from the library. Not very easily. But you can do it on the Internet. No problem at all.

HITB SecConf 2009 Malaysia: Wikileaks 1/8